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Start Right Imago Relationship Therapy is a short term therapy or form of couples counseling and coaching that combines insight and practical skills.

Imago Relationship Therapy provides you with all the tools and techniques to transform your marriage. It also brings immediate relief.

We can help you to discover the relationship of your dreams through a healing process of dialogue and reconnection.

How can Imago Relationship Therapy benefit you?

Imago Relationship Therapy (IRT), developed by Harville Hendrix, Ph.D of the institute for Relationship Therapy in New York, is a paradigm shift in the understanding of relationships and relational therapy. IRT is a short term therapy that combines insight and practical skills

What is Imago Relationship Therapy?

Couples learn to become safe and intentional, to recognize and repair the wounds of the past, and to restructure frustration and “incompatibility” as opportunities to reclaim their whole self.


I’m Hendrien

 My name is Hendrien van der Bijl. And I am a relationship enthusiast. After I completed my honors degree in Psychology I started with my clinical training in Imago relationship therapy, attended numerous workshops and I completely fell in love with this work. Today I am a well trained Imago psychologist and workshop assistant presenter based in Pretoria East. Helping couples to live their relationship dream, is my life calling. I myself have been married to Ryno, the love of my life for 7 years now (together for 12) and with the help of Imago, we can enjoy the adventure of love every day.

What is great about Imago Therapy is that it supports you in every season of couplehood. From being inlove, moving in tgether, planning a wedding, beging pregnant, becoming parents to multiple children, mid-life crises, empty nest syndrome, or life as an older couple. It does not matter in what phase you are, Imago can help you to stay connected and live the best version of your relationship- everyday.

I also work alongside Kobus van der Merwe and you are welcome to browse here to see more of the work we do.

“Making a decision is the first step towards change”…


Options / Packages

Couples Sessions

Session for couples

(1st sessions 2 Hours)

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Everlasting Love

The Imago couples’ sessions equip you with the skills needed to revitalize the quality of your relationship.

Imago couples therapy is designed to not only help those whose relationships are experiencing some difficulties but also people who want to deepen the bond they have with one another. Imago therapy can bring you the healing you have been looking for and gain a better understanding of your loved one.

While a couple can start seeing results after just one session, it is recommended that they commit to at least 8 to 12 sessions to bring a meaningful change to their relationship. Providing you with a safe, structured, and non-blaming environment, Imago Therapy gives you the insight required to maintain a strong marriage or relationship. Each session helps couples explore and nurture one another with creativity. The first session is three hours after which I will make several recommendations to assist you on the journey to healing.

Please phone 081 559 9130 or email  to make an appointment.


For the couple in need of serious support

R20 000 Weekdays

R25 000 Weekends

(3 days)

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Good things take Time 

The ultimate care and support for your relationship

If you are prepared to work hard to improve your relationship, then the Imago Couples Intensive is designed for you.

In these three, full days of highly structured and effective couples therapy, you will be guided by an experienced Imago couples’ therapist and work towards repairing your relationship and becoming reconnected to one another.

The process will help you to makes sense of the emotional turmoil and the difficulties in being ‘stuck in a rut’. With structured and researched processes, the therapist can assist in healing the pain that comes from being disconnected.

Too often, couples tend to focus on the symptoms. By only changing these, the change will not be meaningful or last. The Imago Couples Intensive will take you to the root of the pain and conflict in your relationship. If you can heal and change that, then you will be able to make a meaningful difference in your lives.

For who is this process?

  • For any relationship that might be in serious trouble and both people are willing to work together to repair it;
  • Couples that feel stuck in old patterns and want to move to a new and more creative way of relating to one another;
  • One party wants to leave the relationship, but is willing to put in “one last effort” to make it work;
  • Couples that want to transform the energy of the power struggle into an energy-filled with passion; and
  • Couples that want to learn the art of being connected and alive with each other.

Please phone 081 559 9130 or email for more information or to make an appointment.


Transitioning from a couple to a family

(Can be done in a session, intensive or workshop format)

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Two to Three refers to any couple who is transitioning from a couple to a family. You can be expected or already have 5 children- welcoming children into your space is such a privilege and the biggest blessing one can ask for. But becoming a family brings up a lot of new challenges and changes you weren’t prepared for. New roles, responsibilities, lack of sleep, birthing stories that did not go as planned, juggling work and home, and then to still be a loving connected couple sounds impossible.  

Don’t let this beautiful phase in your life ruin your marriage. Don’t lose yourself or your partner in this transition. Even though the children require as much effort, love, and patience as they need- don’t let your own needs go. You and your partner also deserve nurturing, support, and love.


Let me support you in this beautiful chaotic phase to remain a couple, be a team, and be the best parents your children deserve.


Please phone 081 559 9130 or email to make an appointment.

What we work with

Concepts that we engage with

Past & Present



The term Imago is Latin for “image” and refers to the “unconscious image of familiar love”. Simply put, there is often a connection between the frustrations experienced in adult relationships and early experiences


For example: If you felt abandoned as a child, you will most likely be sensitive to be alone or on your own. And often feel abandoned by your partner. The same if you felt, criticized, smothered, neglected, etc. These feelings will come up in your committed relationships.




When couples experience pain, they disconnect. This leads to a parallel relationship that feels more peaceful but is alone, separate and isolated. This can lead to breaking up, affairs, addictions or divorce. Imago Couples Therapy helps you to realize that you are not each other’s enemies. Solve the real problem: heal the pain that causes the disconnection.


Couples learn to connect through dialogue. When a problem connects with another problem, you have a power struggle. Imago Therapy helps you to connect as human beings, soul to souls, essence to essence. Then the magic of life follows.




When you feel unsafe in your relationship, you either hide away from contact or you want too much contact. That creates a nightmare in itself of feeling smothered or abandoned in relationships.

Restore Safety

Imago teaches couples techniques on how to restore safety in their relationships when they do not feel safe. Safe is to be yourself with the other. There is no blame and critique and sulking. Results of safety are playing, intimacy, exploration, nurturing and growth

Start Right, Stay Right

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