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What is the Therapy?

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My name is Hendrien van der Bijl. After I completed my honors degree in Psychology I started with my clinical training in Imago, attended and presented numerous Imago workshops. Today I am a well trained Imago psychologist and workshop assistant presenter based in Pretoria. Helping couples and relationships is my life calling. I have been married to Ryno, the love of my life and with the help of Imago, we can enjoy the adventure of love every day.

How can Imago benefit you?
Imago Relationship Therapy (IRT), developed by Harville Hendrix, Ph.D. of the Institute for Relationship Therapy in New York, is a paradigm shift in the understanding of relationships and relational therapy. IRT is a short term therapy that combines insight and practical skills
What is the Therapy?
Couples learn to become safe and intentional, to recognize and repair the wounds of the past, and to restructure frustration and “incompatibility” as opportunities to reclaim their whole self.