How can Imago Benefit you?

What is the Therapy?

Relationship Therapy for

the Modern Couple

How can Imago Benefit you?

How can Imago benefit you?

By engaging in this therapy, you will learn the real source of your power struggle. Sure, you might have already tried to change your relationship, but odds are you only worked with the symptoms. This is often why your efforts never really worked or even lasted that long. With Imago, we provide you with the skills needed to help you get to the roots of your power struggle. When you change that, then real, lasting change will happen.

Marriage is about being loved and loving another person. The Imago therapy will help you work through the realities of the current tension and pain in your marriage AND move beyond the power struggle. It is about learning how to love one another in a conscious, intentional, and passionate way.

This therapy will enable you to rediscover the rhythm of your relationship. While there will always be times in your marriage when there is tension or pain, it is not about avoiding it but to work through it effectively and quickly. The art of repair is integral to healthy relationships.

It will teach you invaluable life skills that will not only enhance your relationship with your partner and family, but will improve and enrich the relationships with your broader circle of friends and colleagues.

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    The term Imago is Latin for “image” and refers to the “unconscious image of familiar love”. Simply put, there is often a connection between the frustrations experienced in adult relationships and early experiences


    For example: If you felt abandoned as a child, you will most likely be sensitive to be alone or on your own. And often feel abandoned by your partner. The same if you felt, criticized, smothered, neglected, etc. These feelings will come up in your committed relationships.




    When couples experience pain, they disconnect. This leads to a parallel relationship that feels more peaceful but is alone, separate and isolated. This can lead to breaking up, affairs, addictions or divorce. Imago Couples Therapy helps you to realize that you are not each other’s enemies. Solve the real problem: heal the pain that causes the disconnection.


    Couples learn to connect through dialogue. When a problem connects with another problem, you have a power struggle. Imago Therapy helps you to connect as human beings, soul to souls, essence to essence. Then the magic of life follows.




    When you feel unsafe in your relationship, you either hide away from contact or you want too much contact. That creates a nightmare in itself of feeling smothered or abandoned in relationships.

    Restore Safety

    Imago teaches couples techniques on how to restore safety in their relationships when they do not feel safe. Safe is to be yourself with the other. There is no blame and critique and sulking. Results of safety are playing, intimacy, exploration, nurturing and growth

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