How can Imago Benefit you?

What is the Therapy?

Learn how to do relationships effectively

August 6, 2020

Hendrien v.d Bijl

  • Are you married?

  • Engaged?

  • Recently moved in together?

  • Or are you perhaps in a relationship that you would like to have a lifetime?


Then this therapy is just for you!

In Imago therapy we take a look at why are we in a relationship. We also look at why if we want to have a good and healthy relationship, do we still get stuck sometimes in uncomfortable places? Why if we love each other so much do we still fight?

In an Imago couple’s session, I will teach you one of the Imago tools on how to deal with good and bad situations, effectively and in a healthy manner.

I say teach because it’s something you have to learn – it does not just come naturally to you at first. If you want to be really good at something, you have to learn how the process works, you get someone who can show you, you go for classes, watch countless videos on YouTube and you keep on practicing for hours and hours until you feel you can do it.

It’s the same with relationships, we must develop skills in how to do relationships better. If you think about it, nobody really taught us how to be in a relationship. We only learned about it by looking at the people around us, and they were not always the best example or they tend to only tell us about what we should NOT do:

  • Do not do this too early in your relationship.
  • Do not wait too long to do that.
  • Do not just keep quiet, speak your mind!
  • Do not always just try to prove your point, just listen!

This has in more cases than other quite the opposite effect. If this is all we hear, what we should not do, then what is it that we should do?

These sessions will give you and your partner a solid foundation on which you can build the relationship of your dreams. Where no one has to give up anything, no one needs to talk less or do more. But where we rather look at how we can help you both express your full aliveness within the relationship.

Remember, good relationships do not only happen, they are made. Make the decision today to invest in your relationship.


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