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You are allowed to have a happy life and a happy marriage!

August 28, 2020

Hendrien v.d Bijl

…a relationship where passion, adventure, joy, love, and fun can flow freely…

Did you know that you are allowed to be happy? Yes, happy, In excess. That you may laugh and enjoy life. You may love and be loved. Truly and deeply loved. And no matter how funny it may sound, there are many people who just accept life as it is. They accept that they are unhappy or that their situation will not change. In these difficult times in which we find ourselves at the moment, it’s even harder to get yourself out of that thinking framework.

But today I want to remind you that you may be happy and live the life you want. But just like with anything else, it sometimes takes a little extra hard work to get there.

Now what I want to say is that I may not be able to help you get that million rand or that house at the beach – if it’s going to make you happy. But what I can help with is helping you and your partner to have a relationship where passion, adventure, joy, love, and fun can flow freely. Where you can enjoy life and tackle it together as a team. If you already have such a relationship, to help you maintain it. Because as we all know, we do not live in a perfect world where every day is wonderful. And things happen that may make us hurt, angry, and sad. This sometimes causes us to get stuck with our partners. Not that it’s wrong, getting stuck is normal in every relationship. But it’s what you do with it that makes the difference. Are you going to keep ignoring each other for another day, are you going to shout even louder or are you going to deal with it in a healthier and more effective way?

And that’s what I can help with. To teach you a process where one does not have to get stuck in that hurt and discomfort. But where you two, together, can be very happy for years to come. Because you deserve it.

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